Friday, May 21, 2010

Make Money Online!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hacker Finally Identified On TechCrunch Past.

I thought it was important for me to share this with you all. This is an article that I found on TechCrunch and it they are in the middle of a situation that can open the eyes to the marketing community.

Remember that hacking incident we had back in January? was defaced twice over a two day period and was redirecting for part of that time to a third party site.

We got through the event and mostly put it behind us. But recently Garda (Ireland’s national police force) and the U.S. Secret Service have been in touch with us because they think they found our man. He’s a suspect in another case and evidence strongly suggesting he was the TechCrunch hacker as well came to their attention. He redirects hacked sites to a website he owns and generates affiliate revenue.

These law enforcement agencies now want to know if we want to press charges so that they can bring a criminal action against the suspect in the United States.

They sent us some of the evidence, including IRC logs where the suspect was boasting about the TechCrunch hacks even as they were occurring. Some of this is pretty entertaining, particularly that last chat (some identifying information was removed). When you’re done reading this, we’re going to let you decide – do we press charges or just let this go? The poll is at the bottom of the post. Whatever you decide, we’ll do.

In my opinion you guys should press charges against this individual, this is happening more and more in the marketing community where thousands of dollars are being stolen from beginner marketers. I give you my thumbs up for asking our opinion.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Traffic Geyser, what is it?

What is Traffic Geyser?
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